Today’s discussion is all about how I structure my blog the way that I do.  Everyone structures their blog in their own unique way.

First I’m going to discuss my categories, I have seven of them.
Rating System– The system that I use to rate books
Book Code– The color coding system I use to notify readers where I get my books
Book Club– This is home to the majority of my posts.  It has seven sub-categories
    Week Ahead– all my weekly blog plan posts are found here
    Bookish Discussion– all my discussion posts are found here
    Reading plans– this is where I post all my seasonal reading plans. (I HATE the term     TBR), the only time you will see me use TBR is in posts that have to do with readathons and challenges.
    Friday Update– My weekly wrap-up posts.  I start my reading week on Friday!
   Readathons and Challenges– Any posts that have to do with readathons and reading challenges that I am participating in are found here.
    Monthly wrap-ups– This is where my monthly wrap-up posts are.
    Tags and Lists– This has three sub-categories and I rarely use this category.
              Top 10 Tuesday– I no longer participate in Top 10 Tuesday, however, all my past posts are still here.
              Top 5 Wednesday– I occasionally participate in this weekly meme.
              Friday 56– All past posts can be found here, I no longer participate in this meme.
Story Time– This is home to the short story that I am re-writing and home to any future short stories that I may write.
Music– I love listening to music so any album reviews that I decide to write will go here.
Random– Any random, non-bookish posts go here.  I don’t deviate away from bookish posts often, but I still like having the freedom to write about non-bookish things when I feel like it.
Sports– I have another blog and sometimes posts from that blog will show up here.

There are things that are absent from my blog, like reviews, blog tours, and my sidebar is remarkably clean.  Reviews are always linked from Goodreads in my monthly wrap-up posts.  I don’t participate in blog tours because it’s my personal preference not to.  I like having a clean sidebar and only having what is necessary.

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