I am going to deviate away from the post that I originally planned.  Today is my blog’s sixth, yes sixth birthday.  I started this blog six years ago, with really no direction at all.  A few years ago I really got back into reading.  The thing that got in the way of me reading was college and reading what was assigned instead of reading what I wanted to.   I still loved books, my love of books and reading never went away.  Around the time that I really started reading again is when I discovered the online book community of BookTube, and then I discovered book Twitter.  That is when I decided that I would change the direction of my blog, my blog was just a bunch of random posts every now and again.  I wanted my blog to have a more central focus, and I decided that the central focus of this blog was going to be about books.  You might be wondering why I didn’t change the name of my blog to something more bookish, and I didn’t change the name because I still wanted the freedom to post about other random things every once in a while.  And one more thing, yes I know exactly what my first post was.

So, in celebration of my blog’s sixth birthday, I welcome any questions to be answered in a later post.

21 thoughts on “#BlogBirthday

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  2. Heyyy! Congrats!
    1. Currently, what are some of your favorite songs and who are some of your favorite artists?
    2. You’re a Soxs fan yes? Are you into any other sports?
    3. What are you reading right now (or what did you most recently finish)? How is (was) it?
    4. What was the last movie that you saw?
    5. Are you currently watching (or binge watching) any TV shows?

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  4. Congrats!!
    Questions (if it’s not too late):
    1. Any blogging advice to newbies?
    2. What are your favourite movies?
    3. Do you have any bookish pet peeves?

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  6. Ahh congrats, Ashley! It’s so cool that you’ve been blogging for so long 🎉🎉
    If it’s not to late to ask questions I have a few!!!
    What’s been the most challenging thing about blogging?
    Is there a genre you don’t read often, but would like to try more?
    What are some of your current favourite songs?

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