Today’s short discussion is about reading slumps. I have only ever experienced minor reading slumps, nothing major. I’ve never gone months without reading a book, maybe a week or two but nothing more than that. What always gets me back into reading, is reading the short stories on Pottermore. They’re quick and entertaining. I definitely feel lucky that I haven’t had to deal with any major reading slumps. What are some ways that you get out of reading slumps?

13 thoughts on “#ReadingSlumps

  1. Reading slumps are something that are always happening for me, haha. I was in a 3 year one before I started blogging. I had no desire to pick up a book until some close friends were excited about some books they were reading. That’s something that helps me a lot which is why I LOVE BookTube. I watch that a lot when I’m feeling slump-y. Otherwise, just stepping back from reading and watching Netflix or gaming helps me a lot!!

  2. I’ve had some bad ones in the past, though it tends to be study/work induced. I find the best think to get me going again is setting myself a challenge or finding a new release by an author I love.
    I’ve never been too good with re-reading so that’s not often an option I fancy!

  3. The longest reading slump I’ve had is 6 weeks and I just kept picking up books and couldn’t get interested in any of them. I just found a really short read out of my normal picks and I got lucky that it got me out of the slump

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