Today is the third day of National Library Week, a week to celebrate libraries and why we love them. National Library Week started Sunday, but I wanted to write this post today. It is important, that if you have access to a library that you take full advantage of everything that your library has to offer. I know a lot of libraries have different services.

Here is a list of ways to support your library:
1.)Borrow books and movies, even books borrowed from OverDrive and Hoopla count towards circulation.  My library is part of a consortium, which means I can get books delivered to the most convenient library to pick them up if my normal location doesn’t have the book.  I also have access to the entire state catalog with my library card.  If no library in the consortium has the book, I can search the statewide catalog and have the book delivered to my local library.
2.) Donate books that you don’t want anymore. I usually split my unhaul pile in half. I donate half to the library and half to good will.
3.) Volunteer. If you love books volunteering is such a rewarding experience. One of my favorite things about volunteering is seeing all the kids leave with a decent sized stack of books.
4.) Libraries often have book sales where you can buy books at amazing prices, and all the money goes to the library. I highly suggest going to a library book sale, you won’t be disappointed.

Things that libraries can offer:
1.) Overdrive and Hoopla- these are digital services where you can borrow eBooks and Audiobooks. I use these quite often.
2.) Language learning- One of my libraries offers Mango, it’s a service where you can learn a new language for free with the use of your library card.
3.) Freegal Music- I love this service. You get five free downloads per week. It does only offer music from Sony and imprints, but the catalog is huge!
4.) Classes- a lot of libraries offer classes to learn something new.

A lot of people in the world don’t have access to books, whether it be because they can’t afford them or they don’t have access to a library. If you have access to a library, I highly suggest that you use it. And if you don’t use a library when you have access to one, think of all the people that don’t have access.

I love my and appreciate my libraries, what do you love about your library?  For those of you who don’t support your local library, this article might get you to change your mind just a little bit, and make you realize how important they really are.

2 thoughts on “#NationalLibraryWeek

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  2. I love going to the library. It allows me to read books that I can’t always afford to buy. I started going to my libraries book sales last year. I can get a bag of books for $3 or I can get a box for $4, I usually opt for the $3 option, and I have found some pretty good books that have mostly all been it pretty good condition.

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