Today’s short discussion is about mixed reviews.  

Mixed reviews can be tricky when trying to decide if you want to read a book or not.  There are so many books that I have seen with mixed reviews, but there’s a positive thing about them.  A lot of times with mixed reviews, I’ll get the samples on my Nook and read them.  This really helps me decide if I want to actually continue reading the book, or not even bother with it.  Another thing with mixed reviews is that if you have reviewers that you trust, it makes the decision a little bit easier.  I know mixed reviews can be tricky, but the things I mentioned should be helpful.

What do you think of mixed reviews?

7 thoughts on “#MixedReviews

  1. Personally I’m more likely to read a book if the reviews are mixed. If everyone is giving it five stars then it becomes too hyped. If they are all 3 stars then the story was boring. But a mixture of 1 star and 5 star reviews lets me know it worked for some people and not others. So I want to see where I stand.

    • I’m like that too, not with three stars though. A lot of my three star reviews are because there were things that I didn’t enjoy and things that I did enjoy so for me three stars is the happy medium.

      • It’s hard for me…many of the books I love get three stars. And the ones I give three stars to don’t ever get read by my group usually (tend to be more indie titles). I’m torn on Gilded Cage right as we speak…it was decent but actionless, but not as disappointing as some books with three stars in the past. I really wish there were half stars in instances like this! 😂

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