I thought I would do something different.  A while ago I decided to change the direction of my blog from what it was.  When I first started blogging, I was doing a lot of tags and memes, and while they are great for gaining followers, I wasn’t happy that other than my monthly wrap-ups, my blog was nothing but tags and memes.  So today I wanted to discuss things that are rarely seen and completely absent from my blog.

Completely absent:
Tags- the only tags still visible on my blog are ones that I did when I decided to change the focus of my blog from random content to more bookish content.  Any tags that I have been tagged in recently will not be done.  They take up way too much time that I would rather spend crafting more original content.

Awards- I don’t do these either, they like tags just take up too much time that I would rather spend crafting my short story and discussion posts.

Blog tours- I know these are popular with a lot of bloggers, and they are great for promoting more unknown books, I haven’t found any yet that have really caught my eye.

Double posts- The only double posts on my blog are ones that I previously posted.  I’m not the biggest fan of posting twice on the same day.  I try to be really smart about how I plan my posts out, especially towards the end of the year.

Lifestyle posts-  I am not a lifestyle person or a lifestyle blogger, I never have been, it’s not for me.  I did a few posts when my blog didn’t have a structured focus, but they have been absent for quite some time.  Unless I can incorporate books into a lifestyle post, you won’t be seeing any.

Rarely seen:
Memes- I have significantly cut down on a number of memes that I have been posting on my blog in favor of more original content.  Occasionally I will still be posting Top 5 Wednesday, but that is it for memes.

I know that this might seem like a negative post, but I want my readers to know what to expect in terms of content on my blog.

8 thoughts on “#RarelySeen

  1. I think I’ve only ever done one blog tour. I’m always apprehensive to sign up for them when I haven’t even read a book. I don’t know, I might end up changing my mind as a way to boost diverse authors. When I first started blogging, I loved doing award and tag posts, but my involvement with both has dwindled. I don’t do awards at all, but I do do tags. It depends though, some tags are far too similar. Interesting post!

  2. I’m not a lifestyle poster either. And I try not to do a lot of memes or tags. I especially won’t do the same tag twice, even if I’ve been tagged in it multiple different times. I’m wanting to start up my discussion posts again, so that’s something I’m aiming for. I like your blog the way it is, though 😊

  3. I completely understand! I’ve been cutting back on weekly tags recently because I’m getting quite bored of them. I only do top 5 Wednesday once or twice a month now. I’ve just lost interest in it 😐

    • The last legitimate tags I did were Celebrating The Little Things in November and The Hamilton Book Tag in June. In July I wrote up a whole post as to why I decided to no longer do tags and awards, it’s also stated on the homepage of my blog too. I only do Top 5 Wednesday once in a great while too, with memes I just see too many of the same answers.

  4. There was a time when I had this blogging epiphany too. I realised that the only original content on my blog were my book reviews. I changed things up so much after that. I do do the occasional T5W and I’m not one to say no to awards, but none of the tags or memes give as much satisfaction as original content. Right now, I’m hoping that the tags I do participate in are spread apart by a month at least.

    • I do say no to tags and awards, I hate writing them. I too get much more satisfaction creating original content. Top 5 Wednesday is the only weekly meme that I’ll occasionally post.

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