Today’s discussion is about memes and tags.  Many of you may have noticed that I have significantly cut down on posting memes.  When I started my blog, the only thing other than my monthly wrap-ups that I posted were memes and tags.  I didn’t really like that my blog was mostly memes and tags and nothing else, after a while writing them and posting them actually took the joy out of blogging for me.  Another issue I realized with memes, is that I would see the same answers and I myself had the same answers.  Recently, I have found it difficult to comment on meme posts, because, like I said above too many of the books on the lists are the same, there isn’t much variety.  I also don’t feel inspired reading them.  I also stopped doing tags, I started to hate writing them, they took way too much time to write.  The last tag that I did was Celebrating the Little Things back in November.  It’s the last tag that I did after writing a post back in July of 2016 explaining why I wasn’t doing tags/awards anymore.  The last meme that I did was Top 5 Wednesday last month.

Since I have cut back on memes and tags, I like the direction my blog is going in so much better.  I have found other things to fill the days that I would normally post a weekly meme.  I have also found that since cutting back on weekly memes and I am no longer doing tags, I am enjoying blogging so much more than when my blog was just memes.  Am I still going to post memes? Yes, just not every week or every month, and most likely it will be a Top 5 Wednesday.

What do you think? Can tags and memes take the enjoyment out of blogging?

9 thoughts on “#TagsAndMemes

  1. I totally agree, I went through a “tag ” period. I was doing one every couple of days or every week, have definitely cut down the more time I’ve spent working on my blog and its content

  2. I’ve been blogging to 1+ year now, but I haven’t participated in any tags or memes. =) Though, I’m starting a new feature on my blog called FLYTIP, which I’m calling it a meme-like feature. =) But, yes, I think you should take your blog in the direction that works best for you, and more importantly, the direction that inspires you! Great discussion, Ashley.

    • For me, they became monotonous and tiresome to write all the time. They also just became filler posts for me and there isn’t a lot of substance to them. A lot of tags ask the same questions over and over again with a different name, a lot of them lack originality. With memes, I feel like I’m always reading the same answers.

  3. I try to balance memes with original content. There are only a few memes that I do (The Friday 56, Book Beginnings, and Top Ten Tuesday), and if I’m not inspired, I don’t post. What I like about The Friday 56 and Book Beginnings is that it’s different every week based on what I’m reading. They also provide me the opportunity to do some literary analysis. So that’s two days of posts out of seven, so the rest of the days I post original content, which keeps blogging fun for me.

    • I’ve seen book beginnings and I used to do Friday 56 but then it got monotonous for me. I love my blog now that I’ve really cut down on memes and I’m posting more original content.

  4. I have also cut down the number of memes I do, I used to do at least three every week, which is way too much. Often memes feel like a “filler”, they don’t have much content (or always the same) and therefore I don’t read them much. Especially Top 10’s or Top 5’s, they just get a little boring after a while. However, they do give you structure, which can be quite useful as a blogger.
    I do like tags but not all of them, and I do them but not too often. Tags are for me blog posts for when I can’t think of anything else to post, so they’re on the bottom of my priority list. And therefore they keep piling up, I have about 10 of them I still “need” to do but I doubt I will even do half of them.

    • I think I’ve been tagged in a few recently, but don’t remember cause people don’t know how to properly notify people that they’ve been tagged. I feel like tags are filler too.

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