I love apps, especially bookish apps.  Today, I thought I would do something different and share my favorite bookish apps.

Nook (Free and on all devices)- I love the Nook app, it allows me to be able to access my Nook books on devices other than my Nook, which is currently out for repair.

Overdrive and Hoopla (Free and on all devices)- These apps are awesome for borrowing eBooks from your library, and they can be downloaded on all of your devices.

Forest (Free, but can be upgraded to premium and all devices)- This isn’t really a bookish app, but I use it to help me focus when I’m reading books.  It’s really a productivity app but you can use for whatever you need when you need to stay focused.  You set how long you want to stay focused for to make a tree grow and earn coins.  There’s an option to whitelist certain apps so that you can use them while using Forest.  If you use an app that isn’t on your whitelist, your growing tree will die.  Every time you get 2500 coins you can use them to plant a real tree somewhere in the world;

Bookout (Free but can be upgraded to premium for 4.99 and iOS only)- I recently discovered this app and have really been loving it, it gives you estimates as to how long it will take you to finish a book based on your reading activity.

Goodreads (Free and on all devices)- This list can’t be complete without Goodreads.  I love having this app especially when I’m on the go, I have it on the majority of my devices!

Google Play Books- I don’t use this often but I do have it and enjoy it when I do use it.

What are some of your favorite bookish apps?

20 thoughts on “#FavoriteBookishApps

  1. I don’t use Nook but use my Kindle app. Love that baby.
    I have never heard of Forest: I’ll have to check it out!
    I love love love LibraryThing: Sammi @ onebookishgirl let me know about it. Essentially it is a book organization app. I had a lot of books but never knew what I had and what I needed bc my books were all over the place. When I stated packing, I scanned each book into the app, and I was able to take a pic of the cover if I wanted (it comes with cover pics if you want to use the defaults instead bc it’s hooked up to Amazon AND the Library of Congress) so I could see if I ever need to replace the book when I’m out shipping at a bargain shop. I had FOUR COPIES of New Moon and I had no idea, and I had two copies of Mockingjay. It allows you to create a wishlist and other lists like Goodreads, but I find Goodreads isn’t a collection app as much as a reading tracker and wishlist for me,
    I now can open the app, see all my books in any organization I want, and I can search to see if I own a title. I’ve also made notes to help me remember where I got what I have. I put my ARCs in and make a note that they are different bc they are advanced copies. AND THE APP IS FREE.
    Thanks for the post: this was super helpful! 😊😘

    • That app sounds really helpful if you have a huge library of books and don’t know what you have. Thankfully, I know what I have because my library of physical books isn’t that big.

  2. I love using forest! I use it to get school work done because I’m the queen of procrastination and often times have a really hard time focusing. Bookout sounds really useful, it would be great for me to see an estimate of how much it would take me to read a certain book. Loved this list and will be giving the ones I haven’t heard of a try 🙂

  3. I haven’t heard of Bookout, but I like the idea of being able to estimate how long it will take me to finish a book. I confess, I’m constantly checking this on my kindle app, just so I can figure out when I’ll be finishing a book. Great post. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. I use Forest on my laptop. It’ not bad tbh. I love iBooks, favourite eBook app out there, nothing has come close to knock it off it’s pedestal for me.

      • Yeah, I was just mentioning my favorite, the desktop one is free kinda. when I wanted to get Forest on my phone, I think I had to buy it, and I currently don’t have any money to spare so I found an alternative, which led me to finding an extension for it on the chrome store.

  5. Does Aublible count? It’s been on my radar to try. One thing you’ll notice about me is I very much move to my own timeline. 😀 I also like Dropbox. Authors have used that to send me ARCs. Thanks for bringing Forest to my attention. That’s new to me.

      • from what I’ve seen so far, it’s an app where regular people there’s even a few authors on there post/ write books. A lot of it is fan fiction that are really good. I hope that kind of explains it for you I really suck at explaining.

  6. I didn’t know there was a Nook app? but i do have a Nook E-reader!
    As for Overdrive, I LOOOVE IT!! I didn’t know about Hoopla and Bookout so I’ll have to check them out!!
    Oh and Forest is awesome to stay focused. I use it when studying.

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