I’m back with another random update on how I’m doing with my reading goals.  I think I might start doing this sometime in the middle of every month.

Books read so far: 19/75
Short stories/novellas: 3
Audiobooks 1 1/2- I listened to half of the Passenger audiobook while I was reading the actual book at the same time and it didn’t work, I read faster than the audiobook narration.  I’m not sure I’ll give audiobooks another chance.
Poems: 7 pages of The Iliad.  I have read more than 7 pages total, I have only read 7 so far this year.
Plays: 0

I’m also participating in the March Challenge hosted by Lonna at FLYLēF and Alicia at A Kernel of Nonsense.

I may also be making my blog public again by the end of the week!


7 thoughts on “#2017GoalsUpdate2

  1. Hi Ashley,
    I have also signed up to do the March Comment Challenge so I thought I pop on by and say hello to you and introduce myself.
    Hi I’m Dinh from https://arlenesbookclub.com/. I haven’t been partnered yet but would love to connect with you either way.

    Have a great day!

  2. One of the main reasons I was hesitant to listen to an audio book was because I knew it would take me longer to get through compared to just reading it. I worked on a crochet project while listening, so I didn’t feel like I was wasting extra time. I know a lot of people listen to audio books in their cars, on walks, or while cleaning. Also, glad that you’ll be joining us for our last month for the Winter ’17 Comment Challenge. It’s been awesome having you!

  3. Hi Ashley, Great work towards you reading goals.

    I was at a library book sale, and one of the helpers recommended that I get the audio for a the Harry Potter I was buying up for my son. I guess it’s not too uncommon to listen and follow along a book.

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