Today’s discussion is all about eBooks and physical books and what I prefer.  Some of you may ask about audiobooks but seeing as I haven’t had the greatest experience with them they will not be included in this discussion.  If you would like to know about my experience with audiobooks you can private message me on twitter or email me!

For the longest time, I was against eReaders and reading digitally.  However, last year I decided that I wanted to buy an eReader.  I researched and decided on getting a Nook over a Kindle.  My preferred retailer for books has always been Barnes and Noble, and they offer free lifetime in-store support.  I absolutely love my Nook, and I’m so happy that I finally bought an eReader.

If you were to ask me if I prefer eBooks to physical books, I would say it is a 50/50 split and I love them both equally.  There is something special about holding a book in my hand and turning the pages.  I know this is gonna sound weird, but I love the way books smell, especially if they are older books.  The thing that I love about my Nook, is the fact that it is more portable and weighs less than regular books.  I also love the fact that if I have WiFi access, I can browse the eBook catalogs of my libraries and put books on hold or borrow them, and lately, I have been borrowing more books than buying them!

What is your take on eBooks and physical books? I would love to hear your thoughts?

19 thoughts on “#eBooksOrPhysicalBooks

  1. I love both. I have an iPad with a kindle app. So I use ibooks and the kindle app plus overdrive. I’m constantly reading ebooks. I do have to be careful if I spend too many hours reading my ereader just because my eyes will start to hurt. But to avoid this I make sure to make breaks in between where I don’t look at a screen. I’m glad you’re enjoying your Nook. I’ve heard great things about them. Also I use Bookbub to find discounts on books that are popular. Do you use it?

  2. I personally prefer e-books. I love my Kindle app so much and my iPad and I wouldn’t know what to do without either one. I do have a big bookshelf full of physical copies of books, but I haven’t read all of them. Sometimes I’ll even buy the ebook copy of books I already own the physical copy of just so I can read it on my iPad. I know that’s crazy and just a waste of money, but I just love ebooks. I’m trying to get back into reading more physical copies so maybe I can get caught up with all the books sitting on my bookshelf.

  3. I’m all for physical books, but I do love my Kindle Fire! My reads usually depend on whether or not I’m willing to bring a book through my commute. I tend to leave my hardcovers at home, so will read those at night, and then take a paperback or my Kindle with me to work.

  4. I love the way books smell too, but I’m an e-reader all the way. I find it more comfortable as I don’t need to hold open the book or switch sides if I’m laying down. Also, I’m easily embarrassed so an e-reader protects me from others being overly curious. That said, if you would have asked this four years ago, I would say never to an e-reader lol.

  5. Who doesn’t like the smell of books? I want to like ebooks more than I do, but I’ve never been able to really get into them. The only time I really pick up my tablet these days is to read NetGalley titles. I haven’t checked out any ebooks from the library just because I like having a physical book in my hands. I find it easier to concentrate on a physical book. Great discussion!

  6. LOL…not weird at all…I love the smell of paper and ink. 😉 I’m an equal opportunists and love reading in all formats: books, kindle, ibook, etc. I especially like my kindle when I travel b/c I can bring a book for every mood and it fits in my purse with room to spare.

  7. I completely agree! I think it’s nice to have a shelf full of books but I much prefer ebooks nowadays. I haven’t read a physical book in almost a year.

  8. This is a tough question Ashley. I have a 7 inch Kindle Fire HD which admittedly I’d be lost without. It’s lightweight, convenient, and fuels my book addiction. Oh. Wait. Is that a good thing?😏 However, while you wouldn’t be able to pry it from my cold dead hands (sorry for channeling Charlton Heston) I still love print books as well. There’s this whole sensory experience that happens when you’re reading that an ebook just can’t replicate. I hope that makes sense?🤷🏻‍♀️

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