Today’s discussion is about libraries.  Recently I started volunteering at a local library, and it’s not only rewarding but for someone who loves books it’s heaven.  Since I’ve been volunteering, I’ve come to realize how important they really are.  A lot of people can’t always buy books, and because libraries are free they’re an amazing source to get books.  Libraries aren’t just a place for books, they also have a lot of different programs.  For youngsters, libraries are a great place to get into reading and discover what types of books that they like, which isn’t always easy.  Discovering new books and authors isn’t just for youngsters either, it’s a great place for older readers to discover books and authors that they have never read or heard of before.  One of my favorite things about volunteering at a library is the sense of nostalgia.  I see books that I loved when I was younger.  And one of the most rewarding things is seeing the little kids come and go with decent sized stacks of books.  Recently, I have been utilizing the library a lot more, and I suggest others do the same.  Libraries need us.

10 thoughts on “#LibraryLove

  1. I LOVE libraries too! I’m one of the people who borrow 90% of books and they’re SO important to me. I think in the book community we’ve been presented this image of people who have massive books shelves and own every book imaginable. Somehow the more books you buy the cooler you are. But that’s not necessarily true, and very exclusive; particularly to people who can’t, or don’t want, to own a ton of books. I want to start a campaign to do library borrowing/boosting, but I’m not sure how to, haha.

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve been to the library, but that’s because my library doesn’t keep stock of new releases or any books released in the last two years, pretty much. They’re full of old novels and Harlequin romances, but not much other than that. We’re getting a brand new library in the spring and I’m super excited for it! They’re going to have all brand new programs (for kids and adults) and hopefully a wider selection of books! I really can’t wait! I’m sure I’ll be visiting the library more often (like I used to) once this new one is up and running! 🙂

  3. I’m not sure there’s a greater feeling than seeing little kids fall in love with books. I love sharing my love for books with my nieces and nephews. My library really is a life saver. I can’t imagine being able to sate my appetite for books if it wasn’t for the library. Books can be really expensive, so it’s nice to know I can go to my public library and pick up books for free. I find it awesome that you are volunteering!

  4. When I was in college, I was the head of the drama club, we used to put on Dr. Suess plays at the library once a month for the preschool reading group. It was so rewarding and a great way to get kids into the literature. I loved that library. They are so important to the growth of minds (and they smell like books, which is an added bonus).

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