#Top5Wednesday 30


Top 5 Wednesday was originally created by Lainey from Gingerreadslainey and is now hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes.  There is a Goodreads group which lists the topics.

This week’s topic is characters I would invite to a NYE party and why?

I tried to keep Harry Potter/Wizarding World characters to a minimum, when I could have easily just made this list all Harry Potter/Wizarding World characters.

1.) Scorpius Malfoy: I absolutely love him, and think he would make the party more fun, plus…MAGIC.

2.) Merry and Pippin: They’re hilarious and love pyrotechnics

3.) Rhoma Grace: She’s a bad ass, and has amazing leadership skills, she’d make sure things got done.

4.) Queenie Goldstein: She’s charmingly ditzy (I say this in a good way) and it would be fun to know what everyone was thinking.

5.) Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: I love her imagination and she’s a very interesting character.

5 thoughts on “#Top5Wednesday 30

  1. Merry and Pippin are such fun characters! I haven’t read the books yet but I simply love them in the movies. And how could I forget about precious Scorpius?! He is the sole reason I enjoyed Cursed Child as much as I did.

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