Today’s discussion is all about TBRs.  I don’t create monthly ones, I never stick to them, I have tried.  The only time I really make TBRs is for challenges and readathons.  They’re a great way to organize your reading.  I’m in Goodreads group called Stress Free Reading Challenges.  Every season, you get to set a goal for how many books you want to read, create a shelf and add books to the shelf.  I love this because it still allows me to read books that aren’t on the challenge shelf, and it really allows for the flexibility of adding and removing books if you aren’t in the mood to read them, and it actually helps me read books that have been sitting on my TBR shelf for a while.  I love creating TBRs for readathons and reading challenges, and the majority of the time the two go hand in hand.  I haven’t participated in too many readathons, there are three that I will be doing in January, two of them have reading challenges to go along with them, and yes I have created TBRs for them.

How do you feel about TBRs?

7 thoughts on “#TBRs

  1. I don’t really have one as I’m reading…I just have one on Goodreads and a Wishlisf on Amazon. It’s the way I remember books I want to read for later, but for now I just read what’s due first…library or ARC-wise. I plan on going through my TBR for a New Year’s Resolution so that I can pare it down: it’s over 700 books! I don’t have a schedule and just read what needs to be read, lol. (Sometimes I long for the days of making up a little TBR for myself, but if I tried it now it would just get bypassed).

  2. I usually have a tentative TBR for the month, meaning that I plan which books I might want to pick up and which ARCs I need to read or review during the month. But it’s definitely not written in stone and I don’t tend to stick to it. I don’t stress about it too much. For readathons, I do plan more careful TBR lists and try my hardest to accomplish it.

  3. I make monthly TBRs but I don’t really stick to them because I forget that I was planning to read some books and then I read others, but I still enjoy planning what I read so I think I’ll just keep making them.

  4. I set a TBR for every month. Most of the time I will stick to it but there are times when I take some of the books off and replace it with another but for the most part I am really good at sticking to it.

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