Today I bring you a short discussion about Harry Potter.

It’s no secret that I love Harry Potter.  I can easily find a Harry Potter reference that fits just about every situation, I can quote the books and movies.  It is also my favorite book to movie adaptation, the movies were done extremely well, even though a lot was cut.  Every December I re-read the entire series, as I am writing this, I am halfway through book six.  Re-reading the books this year, I’m recognizing things that were not in the movies a lot easier than in years past.  But, what is it that makes Harry Potter so special? I think it’s the world that J.K. Rowling created and the characters that she put into that world.  She created the world with an amazing magic system, well-written villains that sometimes make me cringe when I think about them, and the very important aspect of friendship and family.



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