#ReReadIt Challenge

Just a reminder that if you want to join, you have until the 31st of this month to sign up. You must have your TBR set to sign up!

Inside My Minds


This year I decided that I wanted to make my own reading challenge for 2017.  This challenge is quite easy as it is will take place over the whole year.  The challenge: re-read one book every month.  The books don’t have to be huge, and they can be your favorite books from your childhood.  The only requirement is that books have to be at least 120 pages.  This will also challenge you to find the balance between re-reading books and reading more recent titles, and yes, finding the balance can be done.  I also highly suggest creating a TBR, which should help you stay on track.  If there are books that you would like to re-read but don’t have them in your possession, I strongly discourage you from purchasing them and instead borrowing them from your local library.  If you have books that you have been wanting to re-read for whatever…

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