#StoryTime 2



Once upon a time there was a haunted house and 10 doors and 10 steps in the first door there was a werewolf.  In the second door, there was a mummy.  In the third door, Dracula popped out.  In the fourth door, bats flew out.  In the fifth door, there were ghosts that popped out and said “BOO.” In the sixth door, there was an alien with six eyes.  In the seventh door, there was a goblin.  In the eighth door, there was a witch and she popped out.  In the ninth door, there was a skeleton.  In the tenth door, a friendly zombie popped out.


Once upon a time, in a deep, dark wood, at the top of a hill, there stood a house.  The house was aptly named Hilltop House.  The house was very old, and it was impossible to see what color it is because of all the vines that have overtaken it.  And because of all the vines, all that could be seen was only portions of the windows, there was enough window showing that you could see in, but just barely.  Now, don’t go thinking the house wasn’t in a town because it was.  The house was in a town called Fallhaven.

          Fallhaven was home to 25 known people, it is rumored that non-human folk lives in Hilltop House.  Fallhaven had your typical town folk.  It had a Mayor, Elias and his wife Eliana, two policemen, Brutus, who was the chief and Connor, there was May, the librarian, Malva the schoolteacher, Quincy, the park manager, Clara, the town clerk, who handled business for the town folk, Raymond, the mailman, Jonny, the store clerk, and Whitman, the gas station man.

To be continued…


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