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Hi everyone!

So this week I had so many exams and projects due and the election (which we are not going to talk about) so I have not had time to post at all! It’s been an ENTIRE WEEK since I last posted and I’ve been trying to keep up with my bookstagram but even that’s been a challenge this week. I have so many posts I’m behind on and don’t worry they are coming but this week I was just drowning in school work. But now the week is over and what better way than with a THANKYOU GIVEAWAY! I recently hit 100 followers on my blog and 200 followers on my bookstagram so I have a little something for you guys!

If you win you will get this adorable Bibliophile bracelet, handmade by Emily @ Emiesnook  (check out her Etsy Shop here!) and the #currentlyreading bookmark in either warm…

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