I’ve seen a few posts and even some Booktube videos about reading habits.  Today’s discussion is about my reading habits and if they have changed since I have become a book blogger.

Since I have become a book blogger, my reading habits have not changed, but there are some things that I have become more aware of.  One of the most important things that I have become more aware of, is making a better effort to read more diverse books.  We live in such a diverse country, and I think it is important to read books representative of that.  Another thing that I have become aware of, is that you don’t need to have all the newest books to be a blogger, more about this later.

I think something that sets me apart, is that I don’t always read the newest most trendy titles.  If there is a new book that I’m intrigued by, of course, I’m going to either borrow it from the library or buy it.  But I’m not just going to read it because it’s the new “it book.”  I don’t care when a book was published, if I want to read it, I’m going to read it regardless of when it was published. It’s also about reading what I already have as well, I don’t think so much emphasis should be put on only reading the “it books.”  Thoughts on older books should be valued just as much as thoughts on newer titles as well.

I always read what I want to read when I want to read it, this is something that I have always done.  There is an exception that I have for this, books from NetGalley and First to Read I always make a concerted effort to have read before the publication date, and my review sent into NetGalley or First to Read and GoodReads.  Book reviews don’t go up on my blog until the end of every month but are always on Goodreads after I read them, or a few days after so I have time to gather my thoughts.  I don’t put pressure on myself to read books unless they are from NetGalley or First to Read by a certain date.  I read because I want to, if I put pressure on myself to have something read my a certain date, the fun and enjoyment would be taken out of reading for me.

Re-reading a book is something else that I love to do.  I think it’s fun to revisit my favorite books to see how and if my thoughts and feelings have changed about them.  This also coincides with binge reading, I love binge reading, especially when a new book in a series comes out, I think it’s so much fun to re-read the first books that were released and then read the newest book in the series.  I did this with the Harry Potter books, and I always re-read them in December.  I am not against binge reading at all.

These are my reading habits, what are yours?

27 thoughts on “#ReadingHabits

  1. In 2016 I took part in a 2016 Classics Challenge on Twitter which involved reading a classic per month. This extended my reading repertoire for this year and I really enjoyed it fitting it in among my usual reads. I varied the classics from the more traditional ones, modern classics to children’s classics I had missed out on. I don’t normally re-read books as I am quite a slow reader but I do have a couple of exceptions. I have just started my blog and will be interested to look back in twelve months time to see what may have changed in my habits. Thanks for a thought provoking blog, please feel free to check mine out at http://thesnugonline.wordpress.com

  2. I know this post has been here for a while, but I just came across it; I hope you don’t mind that I comment a little late.
    I also don’t care when a book was written on published. If I want to read it, I’ll read it no matter what. I have always loved to read, but I struggle to find time for it. I’ve tried setting aside time just for reading, but I always fill it up with more pressing matters. I try to read before bed, but then I just get really tired and fall asleep with the book in my hand. Maybe someday I’ll find time to sit down and read the pile of books I have.
    I am also a writer, and I have a blog about my life as a writer https://katiemdeanblog.wordpress.com/ if you wanted to check it out.

  3. Diversity is so important in every kind of media, I personally feel, so I very much agree with you on that! Also, it’s important to challenge yourself in the level of reading, I feel. I’ve become very aware of that recently. Some months ago, I challenged myself to read Poe (and boy, that was some of a challenge) because while I enjoy detailed, classic pieces like that, it doesn’t come to me as easily as reading fast-paced and minimalist pieces (which is also my own writing style). Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. I also try to prioritize my NetGalley and books sent from the publisher. I finally got my first approval for a Penguin First book and feel like I better read that sooner. I often find myself feeling pressured by all the ARCs. I have so many at this point that I keep making lists to make sure I don’t miss deadlines. But I also like to read what I want when I want, so I try to mix things up and read different genres at the same time so I don’t get bored. Nice post!

  5. I don’t often reread books. But after reading about how much people love rereading books, I think I’m gonna start doing it more. So I can get a new perspective each time I reread something. Great post as always!!

  6. It’s so important to read new and old books, older ones , even from a few years ago, seem to get forgotten for the more hyped ones

  7. I love this post. I can’t always afford to go out and buy the newest “it book” If my library has it and it is actually something I am interested in reading I will borrow it but if it doesn’t sound interesting to me I don’t bother with it. I don’t think I have ever re-read a book with the exception of one series. I have really been wanting to re-read the Harry Potter series and I am planning to do that in December with a group on Instagram. I don’t think my reading habits have changed since I started blogging except for the fact that I actually read more which to me is a good thing.

  8. That’s good to not put pressure on yourself to read. I do that too.. that’s why my list of books to read are super long. When I enjoy a certain part in the book, I often re-read the passage. I do like to re-read the entire book too, but haven’t done one yet. Which are the books you have re-read? Great post!

    • Thank you! And here is a post I did at the beginning of the year pointing out the books that I wanted to re-read this year: https://insidemyminds.com/2016/02/10/2016-re-reads/ and out of that list, I only re-read one book. I have re-read Harry Potter, like my post stated, I haven’t re-read it yet this year, as my HP re-read occurs in December, and I have re-read The Chronicles of Narnia, just not this year. I have also re-read The Giver and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The books on that list in the post will not get re-read this year with the exception of Harry Potter.

        • You should be able to make time to re-read books that you already have in between reading the new books. People don’t understand that you don’t have to read ALL the new books, find a balance.

          • Since you are mean and can’t appreciate a simple comment without blaming people this & people that, do take some time out to delete my comments from your page. Of course I can do my own research. I just want to be nice & make a simple comment. You don’t have to be mean about it.

            • I don’t think there was anything mean about my comments at all, saying to make time to re-read older books isn’t mean at all, it’s making a suggestion. I’m not blaming people, I made a personal observation that some people don’t understand that you don’t have to read only trendy titles. Reading older titles is important, it’s where the inspiration for these new “trendy” titles comes from. And, also saying to find a balance between newer and older titles isn’t mean either, it’s again a suggestion. I’m not a mean person, so therefore, being judged as being mean when I made personal observations about things in the book community and making suggestions is not mean. I also don’t appreciate being judged for something I’m not. If you would like, feel free to unfollow my blog if you think making personal observations, suggestions and stating them is mean. I also don’t appreciate being told to delete comments or anything from MY blog.

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