Although I haven’t been part of the book community very long, I have come to the realization that it is somewhere where I feel like I really belong. There are so many positive things that I have discovered in my short time in the community, the most important thing is how BookTubers and bloggers always seem to come together when drama arises, it’s happened a few times. I have fun interacting with people who share the same love of books and reading. I also feel that I have made so many blogger friends and even some BookTube friends. The book community is such a welcoming and positive place, even with the occasional drama.

10 thoughts on “#BookCommunityLove

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  2. I definitely agree! I am just also new to this community but I immediately felt that this is where I really belong. I feel so comfortable talking with anyone about books or even life. This community’s the best! 😍

  3. I agree 100%! I have been blogging for almost four years and everybody in the blogging galaxy is so nice and so amazing. They can leave the sweetest comments that make you smile. The Book Community of bloggers is amazing. I am so glad that you are blogging Ashley! Your posts are amazing and it is so great to have you in the book blogging community! 😀

  4. I absolutely agree 100%! We bloggers back each other up and I love that. I’m still new to the community, but it’s been very open and welcoming to me. I was actually nervous about that when I first started blogging (aren’t we all?)… I was worried that I wouldn’t fit into the blogging community, that I would be an outsider in a way… and everyone made me feel the total opposite!! Everyone made me feel like I fit in, like I’m a part of something. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be a part of something great! 😃 Great post, by the way. ❤️

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