Today is my last Week of Potter post.  I didn’t post on Thursday like I originally had planned.  This post was supposed to go up on Thursday, instead it is going up today.  For my last post, I thought it would be interesting to do write about my Harry Potter pet peeves.


Yes, I have a couple Harry Potter pet peeves.  I think my biggest pet peeve would have to be when people think that it counts because they have seen the movies, but haven’t read the books.  This is something that drives me absolutely insane.  While the movies are done extremely well,  there are so many holes in them that only the books can fill.  People have asked me “does it count that I’ve seen the movies, but haven’t read the books?” And my answer is always no.  Another pet peeve of mine, which isn’t as big as my first pet peeve, is the lack of diversity.  I would have loved it if the books had more racially diverse characters.  While there were some characters of the minority, they had smaller roles, and it would have been nice to see some of them have larger, more important roles. I also hate when people spoil things when you don’t want to be spoiled, for me it’s important to make sure people have read all the books before I discuss things with them so they aren’t spoiled.  What are some of your Harry Potter pet peeves?

**I also have not yet finished reading the Cursed Child, so please no Cursed Child discussion in the comments, this also ensures that others aren’t spoiled as well.**

2 thoughts on “#HPpetpeeves

  1. Ahhh spoilers. I remember avoiding the internet (and people in general, actually) the minute I had my copies of books 5, 6, and 7. Thankfully I pretty much devoured the books in one weekend so spoilers didn’t hit me much. They are annoying though.

    And ugh. Movies! I admit, I do love them, but the PLOT HOLES. Especially when they pulled what they did in the Prisoner of Azkaban movie (which angered me because it was my favorite book of the series).

    These are definitely good pet peeves.

  2. I totally agree with yours. I enjoyed the movies, though I didn’t love them, but the books are something else. What I love about Harry Potter are the details, all the characters (big and small), the world building, the little plot points that sometimes didn’t get shown in the films. Those things made the saga amazing because they all came together to form the story and to bring life to it. The films could never show all of them, there wasn’t time, so I will always say the books are better. I would have also loved more diversity!

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