Favorite routines from trials and thoughts on the olympic team

As a former gymnast, one of my favorite things to do is watch the Olympic Trials and pick my favorite routines.

Last night at the conclusion of the gymnastics trials, the five going to the olympics were announced, I’ll get to my thoughts on the team later.  However, there were definitely some standout routines.  These are my favorite ones organized by the events.


Aly Raisman- I love the maturity she shows in this routine, and she also has an unbelievable opening tumbling pass.  The diffluty of her tumbling is second to Simone Biles.

Gabby Douglas- Her routine is so much fun to watch, and I love her music too.

Laurie Hernandez- All I can say about her routine is that it is spunky and sassy.  She really lets her personality shine on floor!

Ragan Smith- Her music is the theme from the tv show The Adams Family and her routine is adorable.


Gabby- She didn’t earn the nickname the “flying squirrel” for nothing.  She can still fly.

Ashton Locklear- She has gorgeous, long, clean lines that are reminiscent of Nastia.  Also her transitions from the low bar to the high bar are very elegant.


Madison Kocian- While she might not have the height of Ashton Locklear, she hits her handstands and is the world champion.

Laurie Hernandez- She does three releases in a row on the high bar, and she can really fly like Gabby.


Aly- She has such a commanding presence on beam, and she has one of the most difficult dismounts in the world.  Another reason why I love Aly’s beam routine is the way she connects different skills.

Simone Biles- She has so much difficulty packed into this routine, I don’t know how she does it.

Laurie- I love her choreography and dance elements on beam.

Vault- I don’t have a favorite, a lot of the gymnasts compete the same vault.

I really love the team that was picked for the olympics.  I am not surprised that Aly and Gabby are going back to the olympics, they both provide veteran leadership, especially Aly.  Gabby’s strongest event, which also happens to be the weakest for Team USA is the uneven bars, it’s where she shines.  Aly is strongest on beam, floor and vault, however it is Aly’s floor routine that really helps the team.  I’m hoping she can retain her floor title.  As for the rest of the team, I feel that Laurie Hernandez is a great all-around athlete, while she might not have as much international experience as a senior elite gymnast as the others, she doesn’t let her inexperience show.  Even on her worst day, Simone Biles is still always better.  There is a reason why she is a three time world champion and four time US national champion.  Madison Kocian’s best event is the uneven bars, even though she doesn’t get as much height on her release skills as Gabby, this is where she will really contribute.

3 thoughts on “Favorite routines from trials and thoughts on the olympic team

  1. I love watching gymnastics routines. It’s one of the few reasons I watch the summer Olympics. I can DVR it and get to the gymnastics. And in the winter Olympics, I like watching the figure skating routines as well.

    • Thanks! I have this problem wherr i judge everything when I watch it though, I even judge the leos. I was horrible on floor, decent on beam but not great, bars and vault were my best events.

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