#T5W Favorite Posts


If I don’t love something that I have written, I don’t post it, or I rewrite it until I do love it.  Picking my favorite posts was somewhat difficult, however I was able to narrow it down to five.

If Miami Wins– This was the first post ever on my blog, so it has a special place.  I felt looking back on this post, I have grown as a blogger, and as I have grown so has my blog.

How do I decide which blogs I’m going to read and follow– I picked this one because I feel that the subject matter is important.  I know sometimes deciding what blogs to follow is a struggle for some people.

Journaling– This was one of my posts for the A to Z April Blogging Challenge, and I had fun writing this one.

2016 Reading/Bookish Goals– I think this one will be most important at the end of the year.  I’ll be able to look back and see if I met all my goals.  And if anyone is wondering, I have already accomplished one of my goals, and I’m in the middle of accomplishing another one.

Inside my blog planner– I know this one is more recent, but I had a lot of fun writing this post.  And I think I may have inspired some of my blogger friends to start planning as well.

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