Beyond the Book- Favorite room in the house

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I have more than one favorite room in the house.  My three favorite rooms are my bedroom, the kitchen and living room.  It’s hard for me to just pick my most favorite out of those three.  I love sitting at the kitchen counter, on my computer, reading and commenting on the blogs of others.  The kitchen counter is the perfect place to catch up on blogs and snack at the same time.  There is a chair in the living room that I love to sit in and watch tv.  I love spending time in my bedroom too.  Sometimes I’ll go to bed early and watch tv, youtube videos and even do some late night blogging.  I’m actually the most comfortable in my room, it’s my personal space, it’s where I go when I need some quiet time and need to be by myself.  I feel like my room is definitely my favorite room in the house, and it definitely helps that all my books are in my room too.

1 thought on “Beyond the Book- Favorite room in the house

  1. Kitchen is my favorite space to be. But you also got my other two favorite rooms too. Hope you have a great weekend. 🙂

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