Something that I drink everyday is tea, and usually it’s always iced. I even drink iced tea in the winter, it’s kind of a New England thing. If you’re ever in Boston, or anywhere in New England during the winter months, chances are you’ll come across someone drinking Dunkin iced. Dunkin iced, for those on the west coast, refers to both coffee and tea. I mostly make my own tea, however, I do love a double brewed iced green tea from Dunkins once in a while.

My favorite types of teas are green, white and herbal. I love a nice chai in the fall and winter, but when it comes to the spring and summer I love the fruity teas. There is one black tea I have found that I absolutely love. I don’t do too much to my tea to sweeten it either, every once in a while I’ll put a little bit of local honey or a tiny bit of raw organic turbinado sugar in my tea. The tiniest bit of sugar or honey adds just the right amount of sweetness.

There are types of teas that I don’t drink. I don’t drink those detox teas that celebrities are posing with all over Instagram and the Internet, and I don’t drink teas with high amounts of caffeine either. Those detox teas are so bad for you and I don’t believe any of the claims they make either. I only buy my tea from Teavana, David’s Tea and locally. I know I can trust those retailers when it comes to quality and quality of ingredients.

11 thoughts on “Tea

  1. Hi-fi on being tea lovers..Here in India the crowd fav is equally divided between coffee drinkers and tea drinkers. Somehow i feel the ones who love tea dont mind having coffee once a while but thats not the case with coffee drinkers…they would never even want to try a simple tea.

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