#T5W Hard Topics


I haven’t read too many books that deal with hard/difficult topic.  However I was able to come up with four books.

Life Unaware by Cole Gibson- I chose the book because it deals with bullying. I feel like bullying is a hard topic because sometimes it is not dealt with properly. I also feel that some people don’t fully understand the many ways in which one can be bullied. The main character Regan, seems to have a perfect life, but that life gets turned upside down when every text, instant message and email gets printed and posted all over school. She ends up getting bullied by the people who, in her messages bullied herself. She also suffers from anxiety, but keeps it a secret. I could have focused on Regan’s anxiety, however I don’t know too much about anxiety, so I decided to go with bullying instead. Bullying is something that in recent years, has garnered more attention and zero tolerance policies have been established in schools.

The Fault in our Stars by John Green- This book deals with cancer and death, which are both difficult to talk about. However, it seems like almost everybody these days knows somebody who has cancer, has had cancer or has cancer themselves. There were a few really good lessons in this book. Hazel had an amazing support system around her, she had family, friends and the support group she went to. While the topics of cancer and death are hard to talk about, I feel like books like TFIOS, while fiction put things into perspective in a different way. Everyone deals with this subject matter differently, it’s important to listen, pay attention and be there for the people in your life going through it.

I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai- The hard topic in this book is violence against women. Malala was 15 years old when theTaliban shot her. She was shot because she was a female with a voice of her own, and she spoke out about her right to be educated. The shooting of Malala was a deliberate act of violence against women. Just because women have voices and opinions, it does not mean that they should be attacked for it, in any way shape or form, whether it be verbally or physically.

Beloved by Toni Morrison- The hard topic in this book is slavery. The main character Sethe escapes slavery, but even though she escapes to freedom, she is never really free. The memories of Sweet Home, the place where she escaped still haunt her memories. The house where she lives is haunted by the ghost of a daughter. I feel like slavery is a hard topic because it still exists, while some think slavery has been completely abolished, there are other forms of slavery that better fit the modern times. I had a difficult time reading this book, especially because of some of the subject matter. Slavery is a difficult thing to read about.

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