Fenway Park

Something that I consider myself, is a Bostonian. I live within a certain radius outside of the city, where I can call myself a Bostonian. It’s something that I’m proud of. I love the city and going into the city, especially to shop. However, there is one place in the city of Boston that is my favorite above everything, and that place is Fenway Park. No, the Prudential Center, the shops at Copley, or even Newbury Street are my favorite places. Fenway, to me is one of the most special places in Boston, it’s extremely rich history makes it a special place.  Every time I go, I’m reminded of that history, the retired numbers on the right field facade, the logos of years past and old photos that adorn some areas of the concourse.  Being the oldest ballpark in the United States, it is in essence, a historical landmark.  While the park has undergone various changes over the years, the addition of seats on the Green Monster for instance and others, it is still, in the words of John Updike, “a lyric little bandbox of a ballpark.”



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