Community as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, is a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. Everyone lives in a community, but not everyone in that community shares the same interests or has particular characteristics in common. Even when people don’t share the same interests or agree on things, many times they come together to support a common goal that benefits the community as a whole and not just one sector of it. For example, if something bad happened in a community, such as a natural disaster a lot of times everyone comes together, puts differences aside and helps each other out. This supports the common goal of getting the community back to normal. Sometimes the decisions that are made, actually hurt the community, instead of helping it. There are things that make a community balanced, you have to take the good with the bad.

There are even other types of communities that people sometimes don’t even realize exist. I’m going to use social media as an example. For instance, YouTube has different communities within a large community. On YouTube, there’s the beauty community, where makeup and beauty enthusiasts film videos with reviews, tutorials and hauls. They also share skin care routines and what products they use. There’s also the booktube community, which is my favorite to follow. I love hearing and seeing what others are reading and what their thoughts on books are. Another community is the health and fitness community. I don’t follow this community too much, I’ve seen one of these YouTubers shame others because the lifestyles and opinions don’t match what this person believes in. These are the only communities that I know of on YouTube, I’m sure there are others that I have yet to discover.

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