When I was in elementary school one of my favorite units was about the planets. I was just fascinated by them, and I still am. I find them extremely interesting and mysterious. One of my favorite things is when I know that certain planets will be visible, they’re usually always by the moon. I think it’s really cool to see the planets, even though they just look extremely bright stars.  I have an app on my phone too that tells you where the constellations and stars are, so it’s really fun to look at the app and then look at the sky on a clear night to see what I can find.  Growing up my favorite planet was always Pluto, it still is my favorite planet. When I found out about NASA’s New Horizons project, and that we would be able to see Pluto for the first time I was ecstatic. I’ve been following along and every time new photos and information are released its really intriguing to see what has been found. NASA’s Instagram account is one of my favorites, it just has the coolest pictures of all things astronomy.

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