Top 5 Wednesday: Fictional Cities


Hogsmeade from Harry Potter- I just love how Hogsmeade is a quaint little village like town.  There was just something comforting when I read anything to do with Hogsmeade when I read the books.

Godric’s Hollow- I find something so intriguing about Godric’s Hollow and all the events that occurred there.  There’s so much mystery surrounding Godric’s Hollow too, and I just love that.

Rivendell- Just reading about this city/town in Middle Earth made me love it.  Elves and Magic?  There’s something so beautiful about rivendell.

Narnia- I know it’s not a city but it does have cities in it, and it was really hard for me to just pick one.  Everything about Narnia is unbelievable.  I find the entire world of Narnia to be full of intrigue, imagination, curiosity and it was so beautifully written that you could picture yourself in Narnia.

Fangorn Forest in Rohan- I love Fangorn Forest just for the simple fact of the Ents.  I think that the Ents extremely unique, and really cool too.  What’s not to love about Orc fighting talking trees?


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