2015 ESPY Awards Review

First, Joel McHale was the worst choice for a host.  His opening monologue was all kinds of awful.  While there were a few, and I mean very few funny things, there were many things that should have been left out.  What I did think was funny from the opening monologue is when he told Russell Wilson to just hand him the microphone and not throw it, poking fun of the last play of the Superbowl.  I thought that was absolute genius!!  I also thought it was funny when Victor Espinoza jumped on McHale’s back.  I hated it when McHale made the joke that Espinoza will be the first Latino deported to Mexico if Donald Trump becomes president, I didn’t think that was appropriate at all.  One of the worst jokes of the night had to be this one, “My new friend Victor Espinoza rode American Pharaoh to the Crown, but for whipping the three-year-old, he’s been suspended by the NFL for a year.”  This was really bad as the NFL has had huge issues handling domestic violence situations, in which NFL players are involved in.  Domestic violence is not something that should ever be joked about.  Another one of the worst jokes, in my opinion was when he tried to turn the removal of the Confederate Flag from the North Carolina State Capitol into something about the Washington Redskins.  If you don’t know, there are many who believe that the Washington Redskins should be renamed because they believe the name is racist, yet the Washington Redskins have been the Redskins for 77 years.  But enough about Joel McHale, and on to the actual awards.

There were some awards that weren’t broadcast and those can easily be googled, so these are my thoughts about the awards that were broadcast.

Best Record Breaking Performance went to Peyton Manning, which I wasn’t surprised by.  I thought his acceptance speech was awesome, and I love how he said that Brett Favre was babysitting his, daughter who happened to be his date.

Best Breakthrough Athlete went to 14 year old Mo’Ne Davis, you know the female pitcher who completely dominated the Little League World Series.  I was so happy that she won this award, because she 100% deserved it.

I loved the speech that Danielle Greene gave after receiving the Pat Tillman Award for Service.  Her story was amazing, and her speech was too.  She was able to do two things that she loved and wanted to do.  She was able to graduate from Notre Dame and serve her nation.  Her entire speech was inspiring, but what really stuck with me is how she said that we can all find a purpose bigger than ourselves.  I thought that was extremely true, it might take time for people to find their purpose, but eventually people will find it.

Best Championship Performance went to LeBron James.  I was extremely surprised and a little disappointed by this.  First of all, LBJ didn’t win a championship, American Pharaoh and Victor Espinoza pulled off a championship performance.  I did love how LBJ said that he wasn’t expecting to win the award.

Steph Curry presenting the Best Moment to the parents of Lauren Hill a teenager who had an inoperable brain tumor was awesome.  All Lauren wanted to do was play basketball, and she was able to live that dream.  There aren’t too many words that I have for this, except that it was just awesome and amazing.  I did think this segment was short though, and could have been longer than it was.

Best Female Athlete went to Ronda Rousey,  and she is a total badass.  She even took shots at Floyd Mayweather Jr. earlier in the night on the red carpet!!

Best Comeback Athlete went to Rob Gronkowski, and his speech was extremely humble.  I would have been so mad if this award went to A-Rod.  Gronk definitely deserved this one, and I love the shoutout he gave to Lindsey Vonn too.

The Jimmy V. Award for Perseverance was introduced by LeBron James.  The award went to Leah Still, her father Devon Still accepted on her behalf.  The whole segment and his speech brought tears to my eyes.  The bond that Devon and Leah have is amazing, and following her story from the beginning she is courageous and strong.  Here is the link to the Devon and Leah Still segment: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=13262680

This was one of my most favorite moments from the ESPY Awards.

Best Play went to Odell Beckham Jr. and ugh, I couldn’t even with the choice on this one.  I thought Malcolm Butler should have won it.  I mean Malcolm Butler won the Superbowl, Beckham Jr. didn’t win anything.

Ben Affleck presented the Icon Award to Derek Jeter.  I thought this was a little ironic, but at the same time it was fitting.  Affleck’s introduction speech was just perfect, it summed up how the majority of Red Sox fans feel about Jeter.  Jeter’s speech was extremely humble, just like him.

The Arthur Ashe Courage Award went to Caitlyn Jenner, there has been some controversy around Caitlyn receiving this award and many believe that there were people more deserving of the award.  However, Caitlyn is courageous, it takes a lot to do what she did, in a world where people still have a difficult time accepting people for who they are.  Caitlyn can use her celebrity status to help others be comfortable in their own skin.  My favorite parts of Caitlyn’s speech were those that had to do with acceptance and respect.  “We’re all different. That’s not a bad thing, that’s a good thing…”

Best Male Athlete went to Steph Curry.  I wasn’t surprised by this at all, I mean his performance in the NBA finals was crazy.

Best Team went to the US Women’s National Soccer Team which was extremely well deserved, hey they won the World Cup and just pretty much kicked ass.

Overall I thought the Awards were awesome, I could have done without Joel McHale hosting though.  I don’t think he added anything to the show at all.  And the memorial for those who have passed away was extremely touching.

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