July 15, 2015 Top 5 Wednesday: Anticipated Pre-Orders for the Rest of the Year


Looking at my Barnes and Noble wish list, trying to narrow this down to five books was a little difficult, however, I did manage.  Here are my top five in no specific order:

When The Moon Is Low by Nadia Hashimi- When I was reading the synopsis for this I was really intrigued by starting over with a new life, in a new place and leaving a war-torn country behind.

Wandering Star by Romina Russell- I have yet to read Zodiac, but I’ve always loved things that have to do with the planets and outer space, so I was really interested in the Zodiac Series, and the covers are gorgeous too!!

Never Never by Brianna Shrum- I’ve always loved Peter Pan, although I’ve never read the book (which I probably should read it) I’ve always wondered about Captain Hook.  How did Hook first end up in Neverland, how did he meet Pan?  After reading the synopsis, it seems that this book will answer those questions.

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff- I’ve recently gotten into reading more dystopian type novels and after reading the synopsis I just have to read this.  Another appeal is that it’s 608 pages, and I love a big book.  I also love the cover, I think it’s really pretty.

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon- This is a book that I have seen on Booktube a lot, and I’ve been very intrigued just by what I have seen about the book on Booktube.  I’ve also read the synopsis and I like the idea of the main character rebelling, and what the story is about.  There are people in the world who have diseases that don’t allow them to do things that normal people do, so I think this book can be very relatable.

In total, there are 14 books that I have on my wish list, some of those books won’t be released until the top of 2016!!

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