My favorite things

Something that I love doing every so often is a favorites blog where I list my favorite things of the moment. These are a few of my favorite things (Sound of Music Reference 100% intentional):


Aerie Jogger Pants- They’re cute but comfortable at the same time, so they’re good for just lounging around or wearing out.  And unlike other sweatpants, they don’t look dingy.

Makeup, Skincare and Haircare:

Makeup: Sephora Collection Teint Infusion Ethereal Natural Finish Foundation- This is one of my favorites because it’s pretty much weightless and feels like I’m not wearing anything.

Skincare: Boscia Exfoliating Gel Peel- This gel peel is really cool, it’s really gentle so it’s good for people with sensitive skin and does a good job of getting rid of dead skin cells. Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil- This stuff was a life saver this winter, it provided extra hydration and helped keep my skin balanced.  I have oily skin and if it gets too dry it produces more oil, so this helped prevent that from happening.


Living Proof is an amazing brand to begin with, but these are my favorites because of how they make my hair look and feel. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap

Living Proof Restore Treatment Mask

Living Proof Prime Style Extender Cream

Living Proof Curl Defining Style Cream

Living Proof No Frizz Weightless Styling Spray

Side braid- When I want to keep my hair out of my face this is my go to, it’s easy and quick, like 60 seconds quick.

Food and beverage:

Food: Grapefruit- I’ve always loved grapefruit, and I’ve been eating more of it lately.

Chobani Oats Greek Yoghurt- Chobani is my favorite brand of Greek Yoghurt and I love how this has oats already in it.  And the oats are steel cut oats too.

Cheesy Rice- I like making this with brown or white rice.  It’s just rice with shredded cheesed cheese melted into it, it’s delicious.

Beverage: Iced Tea of the Week- This is the tea that I make myself for the entire week.  I have a 66 ounce tea pitcher from Teavana that I make my iced tea in and it lasts me a week.

Nestle Bliss Coffee Creamer- I can’t drink coffee, but this makes the perfect iced chai lattes.

Califia Farms Vanilla Almond Milk Coffee Creamer- I love this better than the Nestle Bliss, not only because it’s almond milk creamer, but because it is more creamy than the Bliss.

Water- this should be a no brainer, everyone should love water.

TV Shows: I have a lot of favorite TV shows, but these are just a few that I always watch first.

Pretty Little Liars- So intense and keeps you on the edge, I’ve loved this show from the beginning.

Vampire Diaries- This show can get a little confusing at times, but that’s what I love about it, and the vampires going on rampages.

The Originals- A spinoff of the Vampire Diaries, but this one has werewolf/vampire hybrids, making this show that much more interesting.  Oh, and there’s the Original Family, where some members want to kill each other.

Reign- Although not historically accurate, it’s really interesting to watch the trials and tribulations a king and queen have to go through running a country.

Nashville- I love the awesome music, and the drama of this show.

Once Upon a Time- I love how this show takes Disney stories that people are familiar with and makes them super twisted.  ABC does a really good job of connecting all the stories together.

Girl Meets World- I grew up watching Boy Meets World and I love how Disney created a show that shows what happened to Cory and Topanga after Boy Meets World ended.

Youtube, Instagram and Blogs:


EllesGlitterGossip- the vlog channel of beauty guru Elle Fowler, I love her Glitterature series where she features book hauls and book reviews.  I love to read, and I love to see what others are reading too.

Chloe and Clara Lukasiak- They each have their own youtube channels.  Chloe used to be on Dance Moms and every week she posts videos of dances that she’s been working on at her new studio, she also posts other videos.  Clara her little sister posts videos too, they’re really funny to watch.


NASA- I’ve always been fascinated with the planets and space and NASA’s instagram account has some of the coolest pictures of space and the planets I have ever seen.

natgeo, natgeowild and the natgeochannel-  I love these accounts because they show a lot of pictures of nature, really cute animals and interesting facts.

Blogs: I haven’t really been reading too many blogs lately, I’ve been trying to find more blogs to read. These are my favorite things.

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