Kinda Scary Reality

So the fact that the first day of spring is next month is kind of a scary reality.  I mean, there’s like eight feet of snow still on the ground with no where to put any of it, except into the ocean.  And even thinking that there’s the possibility of more snow is just disturbing to say the least.  The warmest two days us people in Massachusetts have seen were 27 and 30 something degrees.  When it was in the mid 30’s it felt like 50.  It’s just been disgustingly, bitter cold, it’s the only way that I can describe how this past month has been.  The lack of sun has been making people crazy miserable, and extremely moody.  Honestly, spring and warmer weather better get here quick, or people will start going even more crazy than they’ve already gone.  Hell, I’d take 35 degrees every day for the next few weeks, I’m so over this three degrees bull shit.

End Rant

P.S I’m still drinking iced, it’s a New England thing.

wpid-img_20150210_090419.jpg(snow banks are higher than this now)

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