NBA All Star-Weekend

NBA All-Star Weekend is here, and no I haven’t watched a single minute of it.  Why? Because NBA All-Star Weekend has become nothing but a popularity contest.  I used to actually enjoy watching NBA All-Star Weekend, the dunk contest, and the three point shoot out, but in the past few years, I’ve found both of those to be unexciting.  I also feel like it’s become all about the money and nothing else.  To put it simply, the NBA All-Star game means absolutely nothing, they have nothing important to play for.  Don’t get me wrong, I love watching Celtic’s game, I have actually been impressed with them this season.  Also the thought of them making the playoffs is even more exciting.  The Celtics are young and talented, but I guess they aren’t talented enough to make the All-Star game.  I’m surprised Marcus Smart didn’t make the rising stars team, he’s been insane this season, like what the effers?  It’s the same players every single year.  And I like how the Commish wants to make changes to the All-Star Game, it’s about damn time changes were made!

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