Danity Kane DK3 Album Review

Viewers of Making The Band 3 will remember when Danity Kane was put together by P. Diddy eight years ago.  They released two number one albums before Diddy broke the group up.  Last year four out of the original five, Aubrey O’Day, Shannon Bex, Aundrea Fimbres and Dawn Richard announced that they were re-uniting, going on tour and recording an album.  DK4 soon became DK3 with the departure of Aundrea.  However things happened and the reunion was short lived, but Danity Kane still released their third and final album, titled DK3.  This is my review of the album.

While the album, entirely produced by the Stereotypes, in my opinion is solid, something is lacking.  At only 10 songs and just under 40 minutes, there could be more.  Unlike the previous two Danity Kane releases there are no interludes on this album, which is extremely disappointing, considering that Danity Kane was known for their interludes.  If you follow Aubrey, Shannon or Dawn on Instagram, they posted videos and clips of songs that they had recorded with various producers,  it would have been nice if these songs had be included on the album.  While there could have been more, this was a solid effort from the remaining girls of Danity Kane.

4 thoughts on “Danity Kane DK3 Album Review

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