Tips on how to make your blog better

The following tips are based off of personal experience reading other blogs, my experience writing my own blog and my personal opinion.

I read all kinds of different blogs, from sports blogs, music blogs, and all kinds of other random blogs here and there.  Every time I read a blog, I think to myself “what can make this blog better?”  So this blog will be filled of my answers as to what can make a blog better.

For me the most important thing is to have the name of your blog relevant to what your blog is about.  I named my blog “Inside My Mind” because my blog is the thoughts and ideas that are inside my mind.

There are some blogs that I read that are just product reviews.  If I’m going to buy a product, I want to know what others think about it.  Often times, these blogs are random ones that I come across when I want to learn more about a new product that was just launched.  I have a favorite skin care brand and every time they launch a new product I read reviews on it.  A lot of times these reviews have the name of the product, what brand it is, a photo of the product, some background info and what the person thought about it.  They are also very detailed in reviewing the product.  Then there are some blogs that I read that don’t have a picture, don’t say what the brand is, and aren’t detailed at all.  Having a review that says, “this stuff is amazing,” “This product really works,” “I love this stuff,” doesn’t tell me a damn thing about the product at all.

If you’re blog is product reviews make sure:

You state what brand the product is that you are reviewing

The name of the product

What you thought about the product

A photo of the product


For music blogs, my favorite one is Toyaz World (  It isn’t just music news, it’s music gossip and rumors.  There’s photos, music video premiers, in depth song and album reviews.  My other favorite music blog/website is  Billboard encompasses all genres, has music news, album reviews and cover stories, that are sometimes extremely interesting and I learn something about an artist by reading them.

If you want to have your own personal music blog, such as reviewing albums that you buy and listen to:

Have a photo of the album cover

Name of the artist

Name of the album

You can review the album as a whole or you can review every song on the album

Have some sort of rating system


There aren’t too many personal blogs that I read, but with personal blogs there can be a lot more leeway in terms of content and structure.  A personal blog allows the writer to write about whatever he or she wants, and however they want to write it.  If an idea pops into my head about any subject matter and I want to blog about it, that’s what I’m going to do.  With personal blogs, there are endless options.

Here are some tips for people who want to create their own personal blog:

It is yours, run it how you want it

It can be whatever you want

Be committed

And the most important thing about personal blogs is: HAVE FUN


I read so many different sports blogs, and articles that sometimes it’s hard to form opinions on how to make them better.  The majority of time, the sports blogs and articles that I read are written by professionals.  When I read sports blogs, and articles the more statistics that are in them the better they are for me.  I love statistics, I find them very interesting and fascinating.  I also love blogs and articles that have a strong opinion, negative or positive.

These are just my thoughts and ideas on how to make the certain blogs that I read better.

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