Florida blogs days 2, 3, and 4.

Yes I Know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged.  But I needed the break.  But now I want to get back to a normal blogging schedule again.  So this blog is the rest of my trip to Disney.

Disney Day 2-January 31

The second day in Florida my brother and I went to Hollywood Studios at Disney.  It was raining all day, but a lot of the attractions were inside which was really nice.  The Great Movie Ride was really cool because it was a tour of scenes from different movies, my favorite scenes were Mary Poppins an Wizard of Oz.  The American Film Institute Showcase was awesome too.  It had artifacts from so many different movies, like one of the lifeboats from Titanic.  It also had costumes from movies too.   One Man’s Dream was unbelievable, it was like a walkthrough tour of Walt Disney’s life from his humble beginnings to his animation beginnings, there was an awesome short film about his life too.  Star Tours was fun, it was a simulation ride through Stars Wars worlds with 3D visuals.  The Magic of Disney Animation was awesome, some of the Oscars that Walt Disney had won were displayed, and there were hand drawn pictures from different movies were on display too.  The Magic of Disney Animation is where you could get autographs and pictures with Disney characters.  There were a few shows to go to.  My favorite was the Beauty and the Beast Live Show, as Beauty and the Beast is my number one all time favorite movie.  The Indiana Jones Stunt Show was really cool too, and yes if anybody remembers when the Full House crew went to Disney, it’s exactly like that.  Voyage of The Little Mermaid was really cool, it was more for little kids but it was still cool.  It was a a little puppet show.  My brother and I happened along a cover band called Mulch, Sweat, and Shears.  They were actually really good too, and it was fun to watch.  If you go to Hollywood Studios and don’t see Muppet Vision 3D there is something wrong with you, it’s a classic and a staple at Hollywood Studios.  At the closing of the park, at 7 there was a show called Fantasmic, and ironically exactly at 7 it stopped raining.  So yes, Disney magic really does exist.  Fantasmic is kind of like Walt Disney’s 1941 film Fantasia.  There were fireworks, some scenes from animated movies were projected on walls of water.  Because of the way the show is, if it hadn’t stopped raining Fantasmic would not have happened.  I was really happy that it stopped raining exactly at 7.  My brother and I also met up with one of our friend’s that now lives in Florida for dinner.

Disney Day 3-February 1st

The third day in florida, the second day at Disney my brother and I went to Magic Kingdom.  It rained off and on but it wasn’t as bad as the other two days.  If you get to Magic Kingdom early enough, a little before nine, you’ll be able to see the opening of the park.  The opening of the park is really cool, and something that should be definitely seen.  Magic Kingdom is huge, there’s a lot of stuff to do.  It’s broken up into Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Main Street U.S.A, and Tomorrowland.  So in Adventureland my brother and I went on the Pirates of the Carribbean ride, which was the inspiration for the movies with Jonny Depp.  After the movies, Disney added Jonny Depp’s character of Jack Sparrow.  Another thing in Adventureland that my brother and I saw was the Enchanted Tiki Room, where all the birds sing words and the flowers croon.  It’s this room with singing tropical birds and flowers.  These were the only attractions in Adventureland that my brother and I went to.  And of course we had to get dole whip, which is unbelievably delicious.

Fantasyland has Cinderella’s Castle, which wasn’t easy to get through because there were shows happening almost all day.  Another staple in Fantasyland is It’s A Small World, which is one of my favorite attractions at Disney World.  Peter Pan’s flight was really really cool.  It’s like this flying ride where it takes you over scenes from Peter Pan.  The carousel was really fun too, it was nice and relaxing.  Journey  of the Little Mermaid was really fun.  It’s a ride through the Little Mermaid, with music and scenes from the movie.  Something that goes through three of the parks is the Walt Disney World Railroad, I really enjoyed this because it goes through the middle of some of the rides and you can see different parts of the park that you can’t see if you were just walking around.

Frontierland was amazing.  One of my favorite things was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, my brother and I went on this twice.  The second time we went on Thunder Mountain it was dark out, and it was really cool because the park was lit up and it’s just a different view of the park.  The Country Bear Jamboree was another one of my favorites from Frontierland.  It’s a fun jamboree with country music sung by the country bears.  It’s just country fun.

Liberty Square was really fun too.  I loved the Hall of Presidents.  It was educational, but at the same time it was entertaining.  It was far from boring.  The Presidents were animatronic wax figures that talked.  President Obama has been added to the presentation.  Outside of the theater there are historical artifacts such as clothing from the first ladies and items from the presidents.  Liberty Square is also home to the Haunted Mansion.  It was far from scary, it was more humorous.  Another attraction of Liberty Square  that is awesome, is the Riverboat.  It’s a steamboat ride that is somewhat historic, as it takes people through different scenes from history.  You also see different views of some of the rides.

Tomorrowland is more future oriented than the other lands at Magic Kingdom.  Something that Walt Disney was always thinking about was the future.  In Tomorrowland, my brother and I went on Space Mountain.  Space Mountain was wicked fast and it was so much fun.  The ceiling of Space Mountain was covered with stars, and there were other space like images too.  The Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover is this ride that takes you behind the scenes of attractions like Space Mountain.  It just gives a different perspective of the land.  The Carousel of Progress had to be my favorite part about Tomorrowland.  The Carousel of Progress takes people through the twentieth century and shows just how much over the years, technology has really changed and how it has changed society.

Magic Kingdom always has a lot going on.  Dream Along With Mickey is something that my brother and I got to see.  It’s a show where at first Donald Duck doesn’t believe in dreams, but in the end starts to believe in them.  Dream Along with Mickey was as Cinderella’s Castle.  We also got to see part of the Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It Street Party.  We didn’t see the whole thing, but it looked like it would have been fun to see the whole thing.  My brother and I also met Chip and Dale.  One of the things that I was really looking forward to was the Main Street Electrical Parade.   Growing up, I always heard the music, and had always wanted to see the parade itself, this was definitely one of my favorites.  A little after the parade is Celebrate the Magic.  For Celebrate the Magic, Cinderella’s Castle is turned into a projection screen, where scenes and characters from Disney movies are projected onto the castle.  Wishes Nighttime Spectacular is the fireworks show that is right after Celebrate the Magic.  What’s really cool is that the fireworks are perfectly synchronized to music.  During Wishes, my brother and I witnessed an engagement, and that was awesome. On the way back to the busses, we got to see a little bit of the Electrical Water Pageant, it’s like the Electrical Parade, but on the water, and it’s a lot smaller too.

Disney Day 4-February 2nd, Super Bowl Sunday

This was the last day at Disney, and for the last day my brother and I ended our trip at EPCOT.  The first thing that my brother and I did when we got to EPCOT was went and met Pluto.  Pluto was always one of my favorite Disney characters.  I still have my stuffed animal pluto from 1997, the first time I went to Disney.  After that my brother and I got food.  EPCOT is broken up into Future World, and World Showcase.  Future World is broken up into Land and Sea.  In land my brother and I saw a film about environmental  conservation that was commentated by Timon, Pumba and Simba.  Land also has the ride Soarin.  I loved Soarin, it was one of my favorite rides.  Soarin feels like you’re flying over scenes from California.  One part of Soarin even smelt like oranges, and that was really cool.  Another fun ride was Ellen’s Energy Adventure.  This one was also funny, Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye are part of it.  There’s dinosaurs and all kinds of other wicked cool stuff in this ride.  You’re actually inside Ellen’s dream, which was awesome.   With this ride you learn about energy in a fun, entertaining, humorous way.  Another one of my favorite rides was Journey into Imagination with Figment.  I really loved this ride, it was fun and it shows just how much our senses have an affect on our imaginations and how we imagine things.  I loved Figment too.  Mission Space is a NASA flight simulation ride.  It simulates a flight to Mars, and it was wicked cool.  The Seas With Nemo and Friends was another fun ride.  It’s similar to the Little Mermaid ride, but with Nemo.  Test Track was another awesome ride.  You get to go for a ride in a simulation car, and virtually design your own concept car.  There are certain criteria that you can pick your virtual concept car to be tested on.  The last part of Test Track you go 65 MPH and it’s such an adrenaline rush.  Spaceship Earth (you know the building that looks like a giant golfball) was closed for a good portion of the day, so my brother and I went off and did other things while we waited for it to open again.  Once it opened up again my brother and I were able to go on it.  It takes you from the beginning of the earth, to the present.  My favorite part of Spaceship Earth was designing the type of future that I wanted to have.  The last part of EPCOT that my brother and I went to was World Showcase.  We went to all the countries and got Margaritas in Mexico.  One of his favorite Disney characters is Mary Poppins, so when we got to the United Kingdom, he got to meet Mary Poppins.  He and I also went to a little shop and bought some Twinings Tea.  In Italy, there’s a street performance called the Ziti Sisters, and if you ever go to EPCOT, they are not to be missed.  They are hilarious, and my brother got dragged into the performance and he played the part of Spartacus. In Norway we went on this ride called the Maelstrom, it was a water ride that switched direction and there was a decent size drop.  That’s the only ride my brother and I went on in World Showcase.  The closing of EPCOT is called Illuminations.  Illuminations is a story of Earth with a fireworks display and a huge globe which is actually a video display screen that shows different images.

It was a lot of fun going to Disney with just my brother.  We had a lot of fun and there are a lot of awesome memories from this trip.  I would post pictures but I can’t quite yet.  So when I can post pictures, I’ll edit this post with some pictures.


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