My review of the Grammy Awards

Overall I felt like this years Grammy’s were really good. There were some performances that I enjoyed and some that I could have easily done without.
Disclaimer: there were some performances that I was not able to watch.

Favorite performances:

Beyonce and Jay-Z- I always love when Bey and Jay perform at awards shows. I feel they always bring something different and exciting.

Hunter Hayes- I’ve never really listened to his music before. I loved the positive message in his performance. And I also loved the empowering quotes being displayed in the background.

Katy Perry- I love Dark Horse, and I loved how dark and eerie her performance was. It was unique and different.

Keith Urban- his performance was really good. I liked his choice of song.

John Legend- the simplicity of his performance was just what the show needed. He proved that an artist can still be entertaining without all the bells, whistles and over the top production.

Taylor Swift- I was really happy to see a more stripped down and raw performance from her. I really loved that she was playing the piano and kept production minimal.

Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr- there are really no words. Everything about them performing together was perfect in every way.

Least Favorite Performances:

Pink- don’t get me wrong, I do like pink. However the flying thing at every award show is getting a little old and expected. It’s gotten to the point that the flying parts of her performances are boring.

Lorde- I was never a fan of her music to begin with. Her performance was extremely awkward and although she was singing live, it was the least live performance of the show. She heavily relied on the backing track and looked possessed.

Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons- I have nothing against Kendrick Lamar or Imagine Dragons. I would have preferred if Kendrick Lamar performed solo. I felt like the mashup was kind of messy and the two songs didn’t fit well together. I love both songs on their own, but mashed up tougher I didn’t like it.

Kacey Musgraves- I do like her and her music, but I’ve watched other awards shows that she has performed at, and feel like she can deliver a much better performance of her Grammy performance. Vocally she sounded amazing, but as far as the whole performance it could have been better.

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