After what has happened to Justin Bieber recently, I couldn’t help  but write a blog post about his recent antics.  Justin Bieber has talent, but with the way that he has been behaving lately, he might just be throwing his talent and career out the window.  Allegedly he’s been sippin on some sizzurp, and taking prescription drugs.  But his most recent method of acting out, drag racing a Lamborghini down some Miami highway while drunk, and high.  He is 19 years old, however his age is no excuse for his behavior.  His behavior is inexcusable.  What is odd about all of Bieber’s bad boy antics, is there really is no clear cut answer as to why he is acting this way.  One possibility could be the company that he is keeping around him, they are a bad influence and are keeping him from focusing on what he really needs to be focused on, and that is his music.  Music, not the partying and drinking is what he should be focused on.

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