Happy Birthday

When something turns 100 years old, it’s kind of a big deal.  When Fenway Park turned 100 in 2012, it was extremely important and special.  Why? Because it is difficult for businesses, and restaurants to stay afloat.  Some businesses and restaurants can do it, but others just don’t seem to have what it takes.


This year is special.  Just like 2012 was special for the Red Sox, this year is special for Woodman’s of Essex.  This year Woodman’s is celebrating 100 years in business, but it isn’t just any business, it is most importantly, a family business.  Being a family business, is what makes Woodman’s so special.  Even more special than the business being a family one, is the family itself.  The family is so special because there are a lot of us, and we are, for the most part very close knit.  Another thing that’s so special is that are five generations, and the family keeps growing.  The members of the fifth generation call themselves the G5’s, I am one of the many G5’s.  Being a G5 Woodman is something that I am very proud of.  But I’m also proud of the entire family.  I’m proud of the entire family because it is the family that has been able to keep the business going strong for 100 years.


What sets Woodman’s apart from others, is that the business has been able to adapt with current times, yet still maintain the same tradition from 100 years ago.  Not many business are able to adapt and keep the same tradition.  Even 100 years ago, when Chubby and Bessie Woodman first opened Woodman’s in 1914 as a little roadside shack, the most important and number one priority was family, and today, 100 years later it is family that is still the most important and number one priority.


People may wonder, why and how has Woodman’s been able to still be around this long.  The answer is simple, the involvement of the family, and the fact that Woodman’s prides itself on being a family business.  Every member of the current generations, in some part has worked, and still does work for the business.  Some of the G5’s are still too young to work for the business, but I’m sure when they are old enough , they’ll work at Woodman’s too.  The best thing hands down about working at Woodman’s is always being around family.  And if there is anything that anybody needs to know about Woodman’s, if they know nothing about the business at all, is that family always has been, and always will be the number one priority, and that it is the family that makes Woodman’s what it is.  And it is the family, that will hopefully keep Woodman’s around for another 100 years.  With that being said:


Happy Birthday Woodman’s, and let’s celebrate like we as one big happy family only know how.

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