My portfolio

Something that I have enjoyed doing, is going through my writing pieces from Salem State to put in my final portfolio.  I have seven pieces already picked out.  The reason why I’ve enjoyed going through them so much is because I’ve seen how much I’ve grown as a writer.  The pieces that I have picked so far, are ones that I enjoyed writing, and are pieces that I absolutely love.  My portfolio isn’t to showcase how much I’ve grown as a writer, but to showcase where I am now as a writer.  In total I need to have 12 pieces of writing, some of my pieces will be written during the semester, especially some of the articles that I’m going to write for my practicum class.  Most of the pieces that I turn in, I’ll have the chance to revise them until they are perfect and ready to go into my portfolio, and uploaded to my digital portfolio.  I feel like this class is going to allow a lot of reflection for me at my time at Salem State.

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