Is Facebook becoming more like Twitter?

In a way, yes Facebook is becoming more like Twitter, and in my honest opinion it’s annoying.  It all started when Facebook started adding the ability to use hashtags.  Some Facebook users, overuse hashtags, and some Facebook statuses are nothing but hashtags.  Hashtags belong on Twitter, and not on Facebook.  The second way that Facebook started to become more like Twitter, is that Facebook now has trending topics, and the majority of the trending topics on Facebook are irrelevant to a users likes or interests.  For example when I see trending topics on Facebook, they have absolutely nothing to do with my interests, and there is no way to hide these trending topics from a user’s Facebook profile.  I for one don’t like it.  As I am writing this blog, the trending topics that are showing up in my news feed are, Juan Pablo Galavis, Screen Actor’s Guild Awards and Darren Sharper.  I don’t even know who the hell Juan Pablo is, I’m not all that interested in the SAG Awards, and as a sports fan, I do know who Darren Sharper is, but these topics are completely irrelevant to me.  Now, I wouldn’t have a problem with the trending topics if they were catered to my likes and interests, however considering that this isn’t the case, I would rather not have them.  Some of the recent changes to Facebook are not really changes for the better, they are rather annoying.

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