Combating dry skin in the winter

A problem that most people deal with during the winter, with harsh weather is dry skin.  During the winter, the air is more dry, which leads to dry skin, and even dry hair.  However there are some things that can be done to help.  These things may not help everybody, but they have certainly made a difference for me.

Sleeping with a humidifier on at night: when people think of humidifiers they think of it as something to use if you are sick and have a really bad cough or sore throat.  But humidifiers put moisture back into the air, which in turn helps combat dry skin.  I’ve seen a difference in my skin since using the humidifier when I sleep at night.

Olive Oil: Olive oil is not just for cooking, it is also a great moisturizer.  My favorite olive oil based products are the Olive Oil Beautifying Oil from The Body Shop and The Body Shop’s Olive Body Butter.  Olive oil that you cook with can be put on the ends of your hair, where hair tends to be the driest.  If  the skin on your face is naturally more oily, I wouldn’t suggest putting olive oil on your face.

Aloe: Aloe is something that I use year round, but I tend to use more of it in the winter months.  I find aloe extremely soothing, and moisturizing.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is something that I like to use on my hair when it gets dry and needs some deep conditioning.  I usually don’t need to do a coconut treatment that often because I condition the crap out of my hair, and I never use heat on my hair either.

Try not to use too much heat on your hair: Using too much heat on your hair, and I learned this the hard way can cause extreme damage.  So in the winter months try to let your hair dry on it’s own instead of blow drying it, and take it easy on the styling tools like flat irons and curling irons.  They make your hair look good, but in the long run it’s not worth damaging your hair.  This all depends on what type of hair you have too.

Water: Water is always your best no matter what the season.

The most important thing to do in the winter months is to MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE and MOISTURIZE!!!!


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