What I’ve been listening to

In the past few days new music has been released.  Lucy Hale released her debut single, earlier today Shakira and Lily Allen both released their new singles.

I listened to all three of the newly released singles, and I can honestly say only two of them are going on my iPod.  One of them isn’t even available for purchase in the United States yet.

The two new singles that will be making it on two my iPod are Lucy Hale’s “You Sound Good To Me,” and Lily Allen’s “Air Balloon.”  I love how Lucy Hale’s single is a fusion of country and pop, and not the Taylor Swift country/pop type fusion either.  Lucy Hale’s debut song is fresh and new.  Lily Allen’s “Air Balloon” is fun and tongue and cheeky.  It’s also really catchy and radio friendly, I can’t get enough of these two songs.

As for Shakira’s new single with Rihanna, I hate it.  The beat is okay, but the entire song itself sounds extremely generic and dated.  It sounds like everything else that’s on the radio right now.  And for people wondering, I rarely listen to top 40 radio, I just don’t like it anymore.

What else have I been listening to:

Beyonce’s new album

What Little Mix has released as singles from their new album (It hasn’t been released in the US yet)

Seeing as how the new year just started, there hasn’t really been too much new music released yet, and I can not wait to see what else is to come for new music.

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