What to Make of the Alex Rodriguez Situation

A-Rod’s suspension was reduced to 162 games plus the entire postseason.  His original suspension was for 211 games. Maybe others will look at what has happened to A-Rod and learn from his mistakes.  The suspension was due to his alleged involvement in a Miami Biogenesis Lab, and his alleged use of performance enhancing drugs(PED’s).  The use of  PED’s is something that has plagued Major League Baseball for some time now.  There were other players involved in the Biogenesis scandal who received suspensions, took the high road, and accepted them.  The only player to appeal his suspension was Alex Rodriguez.  And yet, it appears after reading a statement that A-Rod himself released, he is going to appeal his suspension of 162 games.  If he does in fact appeal, it will be another lengthy process, and one that may even allow him to start the season.  Every time A-Rod appeals a suspension, it does nothing for his already tarnished image.

If anybody has read the statements that Alex Rodriguez has released regarding  the scandal, he has made himself look like the victim in all of this.  He is not the victim.  The victim is Major League Baseball.  Why?  Because the league has players that respect and protect the integrity and image of the game of baseball.  So what happens when you get a high-profile player like A-Rod, who acts like he is above his peers and the game of baseball?  You have permission to question what the game of baseball really is.  It has become evident with the suspension, nobody wants A-Rod in the league anymore.  The league doesn’t want to deal with him, his image, and his “I’m better than everybody else” attitude.  Only time will answer the question whether he appeals another suspension.  For the sake of Major League Baseball, I hope he does the mature thing and just accepts his suspension, but even then he will still be known as the villain.

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