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One of my favorite things to do when it comes to music, is to read music blogs.  I’m always reading them to find new artists, and new music from current artists.  I’m always on the Billboard website looking at the charts and seeing what’s new.  While I enjoy reading the blogs, some of them are really crazy and biased.  Even more crazy than the blog posts themselves are the comments that people leave, some of them provide a lot of entertainment and laughs, but some of them are just down right nasty and mean.

I was looking at one of the music blogs today, and one of the posts brought me to a piece that Ciara had posted on her website. It was written very eloquently, discussed the problems and everything that is wrong with social media. I must say that I have to agree with everything that she said in this piece.

I hope that people who read this blog, if you read this blog will read the piece that Ciara wrote, and take something positive away from it, when there is so much negativity in the blog world.

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