Christina Aguilera Lotus Deluxe Edition Track by Track Review

Lotus Intro- Normally I am not a fan of auto-tune.  However in the case of Lotus Intro the use of auto-tune is done right and is only used for creative enhancement, and Christina’s voice is still recognized.  The use of auto-tune also gives the intro, which could be considered a song as it clocks in at 3:18 an interesting and unique sound.  Christina’s speaking voice at the end is also auto-tuned and it works for the story that she is telling.


Army of Me- Army of Me is considered to be Fighter 2.0.  The song is saying that no matter what she can’t be beaten.  It sounds too much like Fighter, but it is still an empowering song nonetheless.


Red Hot Kind of Love- This is the first fun song on the album, and there are a few fun songs on the album.  The lyrics and beat are both wicked fun.  Christina keeps the over-singing and vocal acrobatics to a minimum.


Make The World Move (Duet with Cee-Lo)- This is the second fun song on the album and could have easily been on Back to Basics, as it has an updated jazzy sound to it.  It does fit in with this album though, and is easy to dance to.  I like the positive message in the lyrics too, “Turn up the love, Turn down the hate.”


Your Body- The first single from the album, that didn’t chart as well as some would have hoped.  It has fun tongue and cheek lyrics, it’s playful and Christina’s classic vocal runs are all over the song.  And the beat break is amazing too.


Let There Be Love- This is the most Euro Dance Pop sounding song on the album, and it is the only one on the album.  The song is produced by Max Martin and isn’t one of the standouts on the album, it’s one of the weakest to be honest.  It sounds like it could belong on a Rihanna record, but Rihanna vocally wouldn’t be able to handle a song like this.


Sing For Me- After listening to the song several times it reminds me a little bit of Keep on Singin My song from Christina’s classic album Stripped.  Her voice and emotion really shine through on this one.  She’s basically telling the haters that she’s doing for herself.


Blank Page- This is the rawest song on the album, as it is just Christina’s vocals over a piano.  The lyrics are also very raw, the rawness is reminiscent of songs like Beautiful and Impossible.  It is the most emotional that Christina has been in a while on a song, and it is refreshing to hear her this emotional and raw.


Cease Fire- The beat is over-powering, but it does work for the song.  This could also be considered a cousin of Fighter.  The song is pretty much about surrendering, and her vocals aren’t the best on this one.


Around the World- The heavy drum beat is fun. Christina’s vocals are auto-tuned to some degree, and she puts an accent on the song too.  It’s a fun song, and is reminiscent of Pitbull’s International Love.  She talks about traveling to different places of the world to make love.


Circles- This is another tongue-in-cheek song, it’s wicked fun too.  Her vocals on the chorus are heavily auto-tuned to the point that her voice is unrecognizable.  The lyrics are explicit and she’s telling her haters and critics that she just doesn’t give a flying f*** what they have to say.


Best of Me- Another one of the more vulnerable, raw and emotional songs on the album.  She’s saying that no matter what she’ll never be knocked down and that if she gets knocked down she’ll get right back up.  No one will ever beat her.  This song represents the Lotus theme of the album very well.


Just A Fool (Duet with Blake Shelton)- This is one of the standouts on the album.  Christina going somewhat country works very well.  This is the song that fans are hoping become the second single as it has that crossover potential.  It could do well on both Top 40 and Country radio.


Light Up The Sky- If you have the deluxe edition of the album, this is one of the songs that you will find.  It sees Christina being vulnerable again, and many say that Christina is her best when she is vulnerable.  The best part of the song is the end when she is just singing over a piano.


Empty Words- Christina’s emotions really shine through on this track.  It is empowering and it sounds like this one goes out to her haters and critics too.  All they’re words are just empty to her and have no meaning.


Shut Up- The most tongue-in-cheek, playful song on the album.  It is riddled with bleep outs, which may be intentional, as Circles doesn’t have any bleep outs.  It is a wicked fun song too.  This is they type of song that all those girls that picked on you in middle school and high school should listen to.  It is somewhat offensive, but thats what makes it playful.  So to all the haters “just shut the f*** up”


Your Body (Martin Garrix Remix)- There are better remixes out there than this one.  This remix has way too much dubstep and other dance beats to the point that it is obnoxious to listen to.  If it was just a dubstep remix without the other dance beats it would be okay.  It’s not terrible, just not easy to listen to.


Overall this is a very good comeback album for her.  It probably won’t chart or sell as well as fans would hope.  It is the most cohesive album since Back to Basics.  It is well balanced in terms of the amount of upbeat songs, and the emotional, vulnerable songs.  This album, like many of Christina’s previous albums is one that I can listen to without skipping any songs, except for maybe the Your Body Remix.

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