Downside to being a Diehard

Many people think that being a “diehard” fan is an awesome thing, don’t get me wrong, it really is.  But there is a downside, sometimes you have to bite your tongue.  This is something that I have had to do with the Patriots this season, bite my tongue, there have been things that I have wanted to say but haven’t.  I haven’t said these things because they are negative things, and if I did say these things publicly, theres the chance that I would be called a “bandwagon fan,” and that is the last thing that I am.  As a “diehard” fan, I should be able to say the things that I wanna say and not get called out for them and then have to defend my “fan-hood.”  With that being said, here is where I can say the things that I want to say.  This season the Patriots have sucked, they have been pathetic, they’ve lost games that they should have won, they’ve won games that they should have lost.  There are issues with all three aspects of the team, offense, defense, and even special teams.  Brady has had issues with getting the ball to his receivers, the pass defense is non-existent, and special teams has had it’s fair share of troubles, Gostkowski missing field goals that he can normally make in his sleep.  They can not win the way they have been playing, simply put.  They need to play better, they need to avoid stupid, costly penalties, and they need to find a way to play 60 minute football.  They have a simple goal, just like every other team in the league, and that is to win the Super Bowl.  The problem, however, is that the Patriots can not even get there if they keep playing the way that they have been playing.  There are no excuses, there never have been excuses, and excuses should not be made.  The Patriot Way has seemed to disappear and needs to come back.  I could sit and pick apart every game easily, but in a way that would be somewhat asinine, although it would be fun.  So for being a “diehard” I just gave my two cents, and for being honest, I better not get any crap from people.

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