Favorite song of the moment

Though I currently do not have it on my iPod (it hasn’t been released to iTunes yet), my favorite song of the moment is the new single from Owl City featuring Carly Rae Jepsen.  The song is title “Good Time.”  I love this song because it sounds like summer, it has a really fresh new sound, and it is anything but generic.  Generic is just boring and lazy.  When it comes to picking songs for my summer or beach playlist, I like finding songs that are fresh and new, which isn’t always easy.  I read a lot of different music blogs to find music that is fresh and new, and I’m also always checking the Billboard charts. The only way to listen to the song (legally) is to find it on Owl CIty’s youtube channel, or you can read the article with an embedded youtube video in it on billboard.com which is linked below.



Oh yeah, and if you feel like it check out Billboard’s charts to see where your favorites rank.


The best music isn’t always on the radio either, the radio gets boring.

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