Hey, I’m Ashley and I have been blogging since 2012, and I hate writing about myself.  My blog just started out as an outlet for me to post whatever random things that I wanted to write about.  Last year the focus of my blog took a complete 180, and it turned into a more bookish blog.  I didn’t change the name because I wanted to have the freedom to post about my other interests outside of books.  I love watching sports, especially baseball.  And yes, because I am a Bostonian and wicked proud to be one, the Red Sox are my favorite team.  Something else that I enjoy doing, is listening to music, I do this a lot when I’m reading, it helps me block out other things that might be a distraction.

In regards to tags and awards: I am no longer participating in them, I wrote a post about my reasons why, please do not tag me in anything!

Content disclaimer: Book reviews and other content on this blog may contain sensitive and mature material that may not be suitable for all readers.

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Review Policy: At this current time I am not accepting books for review.

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